Moonbreaker 'Experimental' Build is Now Available

Hello Moonbreakers,

We hope you all had an amazing holiday season and a wonderful New Year!

Over the break, we spent a ton of time reading through all of your feedback on Nolt, in our Official Discord, across social media and through responses to our survey. That feedback has been invaluable in helping us shape the next steps for Moonbreaker.

As you might've seen from the Dev Vlog in early December, there are a lot of anticipated changes coming soon to the game, and we really want to get those changes into your hands much sooner to gather your feedback.

Today we are introducing a daily Experimental build for players who would like to provide feedback on in-development content for the next big Moonbreaker update. This build will update every day and include new scenarios and battle conditions, Crew, maps, and features. We'll be relying on you to tell us what you think!

Your Moonbreaker account on Experimental will be separate to the default build of the game (referred to as “None” in Steam’s listed Betas) – which means you won't have access to your Paint Jobs or any progress you've made there. You will encounter more bugs on this build and we might need to reset accounts on Experimental from time-to-time. This will not affect your progress on the default build, but we'd highly recommend not completing any detailed Paint Jobs in Experimental if you are sentimental about them.

Excited to provide daily feedback on Moonbreaker's development? It's simple to switch to the Experimental build on Steam. Here’s how:

How to Access the Experimental Build

  1. Exit Moonbreaker if the game is running 
  2. Go to your Steam Library and find Moonbreaker   
  3. Right click it and select “Properties”  
  4. Switch to the “Betas” tab
  5. Choose “experimental” from the drop down menu  
  6. Moonbreaker will download and update the new game files
  7. Once the download completes, you should see a “Play” button!


You can switch back to the default build of Moonbreaker at any time through the same drop down menu by selecting “None”

With all of the changes coming to Moonbreaker, we anticipate that the next update to the default build of the game will happen some time in late February. This will give us time to gather your feedback and make tweaks and balance changes as needed! We are making some big changes to gameplay and would love your feedback on them in Experimental.

We also have a new channel in Discord for players checking out the Experimental build as a place to provide feedback and let us know about any major or game-breaking bugs.

See you in The Reaches,
Moonbreaker Team