“Astra's Story” (EA 1.2) Patch Notes

Hi Moonbreakers,

We're excited to announce that our second content patch “Astra’s Story” (EA 1.2) is now live on Steam! 


Dive back into the Reaches and listen to the third episode of the “Tales from the Reaches” audio drama, “Astra's Story”. The edge-of-your-seat, gripping episode will be available in-game or on your favorite podcast platform. 


You'll also traverse to an all-new Cholek Excavation Site map, a glittering map presenting new challenges and more backstory. 

While digging for Cinder, a team of Smugglers discovered a collection of huge, magnificent stone head statues made by the Cholek. The eyes are a beautiful, polished purple gemstone of unknown name and value... 


Additionally, we have also introduced several quality of life features and improvements. Including a highly requested paint job-sharing option. 

Export your epic creations outside of the game to show them off to your friends and the rest of the Moonbreaker community. (We would love to see your creations in Discord!) 


It is also easier than ever before to create a new Roster, with a button added in-line to your existing Rosters. 


For newcomers, we have also introduced one-time tutorial screens, to guide you through your first game. If you missed out and would like to see them again, they can be re-enabled at any time in the in-game menu. 


We have also made some balance changes and implemented some fixes. For example: 

Last update, we introduced the ‘Second Wind’ ship assist to help players who go second. So far, it seems to be having a positive impact on balance for the start-of-game. We’re keeping an eye on how it goes, and will tweak accordingly. 

Poison damage now only applies to rivals: Furia with Poison will no longer damage herself to just 1 health when her passive ability triggers. 

There have also been several bug fixes introduced with this update, including the Medical Recall bug, which got spotted by players after the last update. 

We hope you love the new Cholek map, the introduction of Astra's journey, and the quality of life changes introduced with this update. We have more to come before the year is out! 

Stay tuned on Discord. 

See you in the Reaches, 
Moonbreaker Team. 

Patch Notes EA 1.2

Big Stuff

  • Audio drama episode 3, Astra’s Story!
  • New Map: Cholek Excavation Site.
  • In-game support to share your paint-job via social media flavor of choice.
  • Added more specific messaging on the Victory screen to communicate the conditions for wins/losses. I.e. ‘Victory, Concede’ etc.
  • Implemented a toggle so that you can mute/unmute audio on loss of focus.
  • Improved and relocated the Create Roster button.
  • Added the correct battle music to Cholek maps.
  • Added new “intro” screens to various modes for first time players. Let us know what you think!
  • Lots of bug fixes, including a nasty medical recall bug! 


  • Added support for future gameplay changes (nothing you’ll see yet, but is coming soon…!)
  • Continuing to monitor Second Wind ship assist. So far it seems to have done a good job correcting the P1/P2 balance, but we’re keeping an eye on it.
  • Poison damage now only applies to rivals: Furia with Poison will no longer damage herself to 1hp when her passive triggers.
  • Fix: Beatris spear damage not happening until the end of a Broken Vengeance attack chain.
  • Fix: Beatris' spear no longer hits through hard cover.
  • Fix: Tipu not growing for every attack when attacking Broken Vengeance.
  • Fix: Issue where unit actions would sometimes appear interactable but not perform any action when clicked (Also: Using the attack or move buttons after Deadeye's “Release Ozos” ability will make these action buttons non-functional).
  • Fix: Issue where units that took damage using “on turn start” trigger were not valid Plink targets.
  • Fix: Stat changes such as Tipu's growth or the relic Armor Plates being picked up now properly count as “health change” and allow the unit to be targeted by Plink.